Specialized loan programs with no prepayment penalty loan amount up to $8M:

  • Interest only for 30-year fixed rate mortgage
  • Interest only from 1-year to10-year fixed rate mortgage
  • 40-year fully amortized mortgage to reduce monthly payment

Down payment requirements (limits) and loan amounts:

  • For primary residence, financing ranges from 20% down up to $1M and 30% down up to $8M
  • For second home, financing ranges from 30% down up to $1M and 35% down up to $3M
  • For investment property, financing ranges from 25% down up to $1.5M and 30% down up to $2.5M

General information:

  • Each loan program from lenders requires specific credit score, property type and value

Partial list of approved well-known lenders:

Chase Manhattan
First Federal
Washington Mutual

Bank of America
Chevy Chase
California Federal
Wells Fargo